Class Schedule

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Evening 6 – 7:30 pm
7:05 – 8:30 pm 7:05 – 8:30 pm

Adults and teens (age 16 and up) with gym membership train for free. There is an annual student fee of $60 which covers dojo costs such as insurance, CAA membership, and web hosting.

Kids ages 14 and up may train for $38/month, membership not required, at the instructor’s discretion. Kids should have a mature attitude and desire to be a serious student as there is no children-only class. Kids train in a special section of the mat space, and only with other kids and adult instructors.

Uniforms are not required but recommended for long-term training. White (bleached or unbleached) aikido, judo, or karate uniforms (gi) are acceptable and widely available online. Ed Erler’s Martial Art Supply in Albuquerque sells judo uniforms for a reasonable price (533 Louisiana SE/255-1328). Some other places to check are and Piranha Gear.